2023 Exhibitions

2023 Exhibitions & Events

Richard's photographs can be seen at The Old School Art Gallery & Craft Centre all year round. 

In addition Richard's work will feature in the following exhibitions. 

Swaledale Farming Film and Photography Festival, Farming through the Seasons. 

The photography exhibition will run from 11 June to 5 July, taking in The Orchard Gallery at Hudson House, Reeth (11-21 June) and The Mezzanine Gallery at The Station, Richmond (22 June - 5 July).

Twelve Views of Kisdon 

A series of photographs taken on and around Kisdon Hill in Upper Swaledale, along side twelve essays written by people who have a close relationship with the hill. 

15th - 27th September, The Mezzanine Gallery at The Station, Richmond

October, November & December, The Yorkshire Dales National Park Centre, Bainbridge

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