Repeated Patterns, Isle of Mull

The world around us is full of repeated patterns and the Isle of Mull, where these photographs were taken, is no exception. The eye is drawn to these patterns and with no central subject upon which to rest is left to roam around the images and discover the subtlety within. Viewed on a large scale the experience becomes almost hypnotic. 

This  article echoes the theme with three sections each containing three images. Each image is composed of four panels that either repeat a single photograph or show four related photographs. Within each section the images fell into a natural order adding another layer of meaning. 


Basalt columns and pebble beaches. 


From tree, to timber, to boat. 


Ripples, time sequence and multiple exposure. 

As so often happens none of this was planned when initially picking up the camera.  Instead it was triggered by happy accident then developed through doing: looking for patterns, taking photographs, sequencing them, deleting them and starting again, and iterating around this sequence in the hope something coherent surfaced. Through writing this entry the sections developed and the “natural” order of images crystallised. and so the writing became the final point of development, design and composition …

… And discovery and development through doing is itself a repeating pattern through which (hopefully) my photography skills will continue to expand and improve. 

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