Looking Down on Earth, River Bain

Looking Down on Earth is a series of photos taken along the banks of The River Bain in February 2021 when overnight temperatures fell to -6C.

England’s shortest river, fed by North Yorkshire’s second largest lake, The River Bain flows for 2.5 miles from Raydale to Bainbridge where it joins the River Ure.

The river is quite unlike the fast-flowing becks that rush and tumble down the surrounding fells. Instead it flows at its own sedate pace, meandering through the meadows, narrow, deep and brown, as though it belongs not to The Dales, but to The Fenlands. When winter arrives, and the temperatures plummet, the nooks and crannies along the river’s banks start to fill with fragile layers of shape, pattern and texture, each unique, each destined to last just a few minutes or hours.  For a few short days in mid-winter The River Bain is host to a magical world of ice.

To view the individual images contained in the slideshow visit the Looking Down on Earth gallery

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