Muker Wild Flower Meadows 22

It’s just about reached the end of another wild flower meadows season in Muker and with my main camera in for repair, definitely the end for me. It’s fair to say that the wild flower meadows, lovely as they’ve been, haven’t reached their best this year, perhaps due to a cool, dry spring. From a photography perspective the challenge has been to find new perspectives, explore the less familiar places on the meadow’s edges, and to work a little harder to make the most of what was there. I’m  sure that after a lean year, next year’s meadow season will be a cracker!

This year I had a new camera to play with, the medium format Fuji GFX100s. Combined with the GF 110mm F2 lens it produces an amazingly narrow depth of field to isolate a subject and a dreamily smooth bokeh. As you’ll see below I’ve become  a little obsessed with  this technique, and my aim is to hone it down, ready for next year’s meadows. 

And now the photos …

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