The North Norfolk Coast in Glorious Panovision

Click on the images for the full Panovision effect!!

Last week we swopped the fells and dales of Swaledale and Wensleydale, for the straight horizons, vast sands and salt marshes, of the North Norfolk Coast. At low tide, after a short walk, and with a bit of imagination, you might have been transported by landspeeder to the deserts of Tatooine … and so this series is inspired by one of my all time favourite films, Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, or just plain Star Wars as it was called when I first saw it in 1977, age 11. 

All the images are presented in the Panovision 2.35 : 1 aspect ratio of the original Star Wars theatre release.  Ok, it’s not real Panovision, the pictures would need to be moving and you’d need to sitting in a cinema, but let’s not be too pedantic!

For those who weren’t around when Star Wars was released it must be difficult to comprehend the deep impact the film had at the time; both on the film industry and on culture in general. At 55 years of age I still wear my Star Wars t-shirt with pride. A photographer, who was previously a software engineer, who’s still into Star Wars; I’ve just realised I’m a geek! 

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